I was interviewed for the only professional genealogist magazine in world. It's out of Boston so I thought it was great to get a Montana person included.  They do eight profiles a year.  It was published in the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly in March 2014.


My love of Genealogy goes back to my childhood.  I was raised on a small farm in Northeast Montana by my maternal grandparents.  Grandpa was a first generation American of Swedish stock and Grandma was a first generation Norwegian.  I remember listening to the stories as family met and the wonderful food.

When my Mother remarried when I was six I rejoined her, my younger sister, and the man who would adopt us both and we would always think of as our Dad.  Another sister joined our family and I was five.  See our picture in the photo gallery.

My Dad brought German Heritage to our family with three of our grandparents families coming to Iowa and one to North Dakota.  As with any good mixed gene pool we now have identified several adopted and Native American lines, ours and the families we married into.  English, French, Alsace, Baden, and Prussia were added to the Norwegian and Swedish root stock.  My research has taken me into many states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Vermont, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, Iowa, and so on.  All the family ties has given me experience in many fields and record types.

My work background includes twenty years as a Vice President of Finance and Human Resources for a manufacturing firm in Texas, seven years as a Director of Loan Services for Economic Development in Montana, Accounting Supervisor, Bank Auditor, and other various positions that required good communication and record keeping skills.

My love of Genealogy has always filled my time in every way that I could find.  The hunt for people is as much fun as the the triumph of the successful location or problem solved.

I am happily married to my best friend, Clyde, for over 36 years, we have 5 lovely children, we lost one when she was only four and a half, and of course the best part of life, 15 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

My family has its share of blacksheep and other interesting events so that I know I can tackle your questions without a problem.  

Happy researching with the Geniebug.


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