I try to locate and photograph farm, cemetery, church, and/or local area pictures for your family research. Here are a few interesting ones that I have gathered over the years.
"Emma Christine" Johnsdatter Holte age 18  

Emma Gilbertson Whitney about 80


George Harrison "Harry" Crone and son Boyce Mills my Dad


Janine Yvette Crone Senior 1968


Pamela Ann Murray age 6 months and sister Karenne Lynn Murray age 2 1/2 years


Sandra Dee Crone Senior 1963


Sylvia age 4 MT farm 1947


Sylvia and Rex MT farm 1947


Sylvia, Rex, and Grandpa Johnson MT farm 1945 age 2. Note outhouse and it was in use :)


Sylvia and Rex MT farm age 3 1946


Sylvia and Rex MT farm 1948 age 5


Sylvia Dawn Crone Senior 1961


Boyce, Nadine, Sylvia, Sandra, and Janine Crone 1950s  Riverdale, ND


Ingeborg Johnsdotter Holte, married name and name change Emma Christine Holt Gilbertson Whitney, 1869 - 1963.  Born in Norway, Homesteaded Edinburg, ND and Ophiem, MT

Gottfrid Leonard Johnson 1896 -1978 World War I Doughboy, Stockholm, SD   Gottfrid Leonard Johnson, 1950 Fort Peck, MT
Afro-American Homesteaders   Prairie Homestead
"Girl" Homesteader as they were called   Harrow
Joseph and Jerimiah Mosteller 1797 tombstone       Ted and Nannie Murray WWII Florida
Murray Reunion Florida late 1950s     Old Church in Montana
Queen Anne Cunningham Upton Kentucky    Theodore, Joyce, Ted and Tim Murray Florida late 1950s
Woman with "chips"   Great Plains Harvesters



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