You are reading this because you have become curious about your family.  The whole family tree thing is lots of fun but does have challenging moments and you need to be very open minded about family ancestors.  What is the moral viewpoint today was often very different through out the years and various countries.

Start by printing off a pedigree or ancestral chart.  Enter everything that you know or think may be known about your family.  Everyone is listed by their birth name.  If all you know is only a year or a state or country, write it all down.  I use a pencil when the date or place is not locked in.  Ask your parents or other relatives what they remember about the family and write it down.  Always make a note of whom gave you the information and the date.  Many of these "facts" will be best guess but they are a place to start.

Next check the birth, marriage, and death certificates in your family's possession. 

Then its on-line at

Read My Favorite Sites list and check them out, each step will increase your knowledge.  Always list and record your source of information in case you need to recheck it or prove to someone else that you do have your facts straight.

Take time to write down the stories you hear, they are full of facts and names, and best of all they make your ancestors so very real and "alive".

Start today, its journey that will last a life time as you record all the additions to your family tree.  Both in the past and the future as grandchildren and great granchildren enter this world and your family.

Have lots of fun researching your family, I know I do on mine.

Sylvia the Geniebug



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